Hoping to find a small number of quartz rocks 6" to 15" or so of any shape and any color. Need to finish a DIY patio project. Thanks.
looking for a chest to keep some stuffed animals and toys in
I have this really cool project I m mind to spruce up a brick fire place. I need legos building blocks. If you have 5 or 5000. Please let me know. I ll be happy yo come get them whoever you are. If you see something I have listed that you want, I ll bring it with me. Thanks.
Would like some 1 gallon, clear glass "Apple Cider" jugs for home brewing.
Will pick up wherever convenient.
I want to be a minimalist packer for an upcoming two week trip, but before I buy a new suitcase, I thought I'd inquire in case anyone has one they would part with!
I'm looking for a men's bicycle for my partner, who is fairly new to cycling. In other words, the simpler the better. If you have something in fairly good shape, please let me know!
Hello, I am new to the vinyl scene and am looking for vinyls to add to my collection. If you have any you don't use anymore or would like to donate to me it would be greatly appreciated.
Hello, I am in need of a Flat screen TV please to replace mine. Does anyone have one that they are willing to part with please? If so please contact me to arrange a pick up. I just moved into a new home and its not in my budget to purchase another one at this time. Thanks to all in advance Annette
Hi all I am wondering if anyone has any embroidery hoops or supplies that they are hoping to get rid of. Thank you!
Looking for integrated amplifier (no radio) and multi disc cd player. Thanks much!
Will pick up wherever is convenient
pants 50x32 or 52x32, 5 or 6 xxxxxxl shirts, a winter coat, size 14 and 15 shoes.
Looking for bedroom furniture for my children. There furniture was ruined due to mold and they are now sleeping on the floor...
Cinder blocks with holes, size 8 inch by 8 inch by 16 inch, will need approx 25 of them for retaining wall
If you rake and leave your pine needles at the curb, bagged or not, I'd like to come get them! They'll be dropping in large numbers now that it's colder. I maintain a steep hill, and they're the only mulch that doesn't wash off with the rain. Thanks!
My son needs to make an Egyptian pyramid out of sugar cubes. Thought I'd check for unused/unneeded items before I waste perfectly good sugar from the store. Thanks!
I'm looking for tan spray paint needed for my son's sugar cube pyramid school project. He doesn't need much so if you have any left over spray paint from a previous project but don't have a future use for it, please let me know. Thanks!
Would love a fog machine for Halloween. Thanks!
We are about to dig up our paver stone patio to make way for an addition but we are saving the pavers for future use. Hoping someone has a few pallets on hand we could use for stacking and storing.
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